Thursday, May 13, 2010

No, seriously

This is what we've been doing since the last healthy post, however many millions of years ago that was.

There have been occurrences that only involved chicken soup (which we've had for dinner all week) and sneezing and coughing and body fluids peripherally... I think... maybe?

But then again, maybe not.

Today, our beloved special skills therapist showed up. Apparently she had called on Monday to reschedule to today because SHE was sick. I was at a doctor's appointment at the time, making sure the 2 boys had not caught the Devil's strep throat and other creeping crud, and although I vaguely recall being told she had canceled, I'm morally certain I didn't know she was coming today, because SHE WAS NOT ON THE CALENDAR. And as we all know, if it is NOT ON THE CALENDAR, it is NOT HAPPENING IN THIS HOUSE.

Fortunately, after one look at James zonked on the couch, a lovely view of the Devil's Coxsackie tongue and Herpe finger (What? It's only one finger!) through the screen door (sensible woman), and a brief appraisal of my unwashed, unbrushed hair and pajamas-as-daywear look, she was happy to reschedule to next week, and hightail it down the front walk while her immune system was relatively intact.

I'd be concerned about whether she'll ever be foolish brave enough to come back, but she is ON THE CALENDAR for next week, so I KNOW she will.
Uh huh.

I know it.

I - what were we talking about it? Naps?


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